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Student training and development laboratory in accordance with its capabilities of modern laboratory techniques.
Participate in the development and the development of student information at the end of the laboratory phase of study.
Bachelor's Degree Students:
1- Trains students on different techniques that use dynamic in laboratory tests to detect biomarkers.
2- Provides the student at the beginning of the semester project of his interest. Research has to be done with specialization of the center after directing the department.
3- Appointed to the student research project for a semester and train on how to set up a research project and conducted under the supervision of a specialist.
Appointed section supervisor for the student according to the Post Graduate Program.
Join the student to the program to determine a research project within the competence of the program.
Research project to prepare the student literary and scientific studies for the project to complete the requirements of research under the supervision of a specialized program.
Assesses the student through the writing of the message and presentations periodically on the experiences and findings.
After the completion of the project experiences, student writes a letter to present the results of the evaluation.

Training Courses:
1- Short-term courses for researchers and students.
The program provides short-term courses (two weeks - four weeks) include the following:
Training on laboratory techniques in one of the vital signs including how to set up testing, and operation of the device and calibrate, and conduct experiments, analyze, and evaluate the trainee according to his information at the end of the session.
2- Long-term courses for researchers and students.
The program provides long-term courses (two months - six months) include the following:
Program offers a course on the techniques used in the program.
Trainee spends a period of two to three weeks in each technique.
Apprentice training on the technology and operation of the device.
Training the trainee to quality control.
Report, including what you get from information technology