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King Saud University seeks leadership that cannot be achieved only by working together and sense each member of the University of its responsibility to the individual in achieving leadership. Vision is not achieved dependently, and the vigilance of the parties and slumber parties to the other; but to work together and strive for industry excellence in the areas of knowledge, invention and innovation, and look at any success as a double incentive to work and not a cause to stop. Success through endless and as we get it, we have increased step by passion and a sense of the need to continue.

University is positive that all the units and the general employees feel what are the objectives of the inspired and ambitious, and perhaps that is confirmed when they take care of independent unit at the university in search of the achievements and successes in the context of science and knowledge, where we will stand on the scientific prizes, and medals of appreciation, and research efforts, and developmental work to grow and accelerate.

Formerly, The Research Laboratory of Diabetes and Endocrine of the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, currently under the name of "Biomarkers Research Program" , faces the rising of the University, including inclusion of scientific competencies, and projects, knowledge, and modern devices developed, including its services research minutes related to diseases such as diabetes, chronic stress and cancer.

This laboratory has achieved a brilliant success at the hands of its staff members of the faculty and researchers. Expecting that in the production of knowledge, and in the areas of discovery, training, and work is ongoing to achieve the new achievements in the near future, by Allah willing.

The university is in the hope and optimism that the ongoing success of this laboratory will strengthen its relations with the scientific communities at both the local and international level to be a beacon of knowledge renowned widely, and president the tributaries of scientific support for the efforts of research for health at home in order to resist chronic diseases and makes it easy to contain and control the experience of scientific, and knowledge based on the evidence.

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al-Othman