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Research Program emerged from the Biomarkers Research Laboratory of Diabetes and Endocrinology, which is a research laboratory at Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science.

From the date of the emergence of the laboratory, which was founded in 1406 as one of the research and teaching laboratories in the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, even directing the Rector on 25/1/1431 AH to transfer the name of the laboratory to the Biomarker Research Program (Vital Signs), laboratory focuses on research in molecular etiology at the cellular level or human blood in chronic diseases, which is spread over five decades, an indication of the seriousness of these diseases on the health of individuals and communities, and since the establishment of this laboratory has participated and still participate in survey research dealing with the epidemiological spread. Especially diabetes, heart disease, and pressure, and high fat.

The causes of partial and cellular indicators have scientific and medical invidence of these diseases. Hence, it has become a scientific and medical evidence and is inferred by the occurrence of these diseases and control of its development, as well as used to monitor the impact of pharmaceuticals.

During this period, which stretched over more than twenty-five years, researchers in the laboratory participated in the establishment of a scientific background and extensive scientific expertise with a global realistic approach and the scientific level of qualifying cadres working in the areas of research of these diseases. Hence, it must monitor the scientific production by supporting the university to the laboratory research equipment and supplies, and also through support and encourage national cadres to continue their studies and research.